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The Best of North Idaho CD

The Best of Coeur d'Alene CD

The Best of Sandpoint CD

The Spokane, River Front Park Interactive Postcard

The Coeur d'Alene Interactive CD Postcard

The Spokane/Riverfront Park CD Interactive Postcard

The Priest Lake Interactive CD Postcard The Car D lane Interactive CD Postcard

The Lost in the 50's Interactive CD Postcard

The Ironman Interactive CD Postcard

The Hayden Lake Interactive CD Postcard

The Schweitzer Interactive CD Postcard

The Interactive Time Machine featuring Lewis & Clark's Expedition through the Northwest to commemorate the Bicentennial of their journey (On CD, Interactive CD Postcards & DVD)


I can only tell you that SEVERAL people walked up to Rick and told him what a nice presentation he had made. Great pics! (We know who to thank for those!)
So all worked out very well thanks to you."


We really received a lot of great input from people and we have told them all who helped us!  Thanks so much.

Kootenai County Sheriff

The site looks great!

North Idaho Hospice

LOVE IT!  I knew I picked the right person for this job!  You do quality work; thanks! 

~ S. Andrews, C.L.I.C.K.

You have the vision!!!!!!!   Awesome job…   The work looks professional and first class.

K. M. Edmunson, Synergetic Communications

The website looks great! Thank you!

~ L. St.louis

"One of the compliments came from a technician at GODADDY.COM and they see websites all day long.............he really was impressed with the site you designed......"


"The site looks great!"


The pictures and superimposed text are great, by the way.

Kootenai County Fair

"Dad loves the website."

"Thanks so much for this beautiful site. I can't wait to send this off to all those I know. Thanks many times over".

 -- A Anderson


"Everything looks great! Let's launch it this weekend and I'll run test forms to make sure everything is working properly so we can make any corrections before Monday.
Great Job!"

-- K Rhode

"Your CDs are being met with rave reviews!"

-- E Maher

The web site is very nice. I live in California and will be visiting my sister in Rathdrum next week. That's why I inquired about Fratelli Day Spa, was just thinking it would make a nice gift. Let me know if they issue new coupons, I will definitely call them when I get there!

~ S Bradley

Been checking out your website, and I must say it is mighty impressive. I've been to more than a few that were supposed to do cool things, or at least have links to get you to other places. However they usually take so long that you get tired of waiting. Not only did all your stuff work, but it worked quickly and easily.

~ J Legat

I just got thru looking at your North Idaho Virtual Tour.
This thing is INCREDIBLE!!!

Ron H

Hey, you hit the information highway at full speed! That is a GRrrreat user-friendly well laid out site. She/he did a good job. It didn't take too long to load and has plenty to look at for properties listed. Also good local stats info! Seems pretty complete. I like the sailboat watermark in the background too. Looks good!

~ JD

Thanks for your explanation on how the work is done. Our team has discussed how to get the digital cameras out to our student groups in Africa to document events and views of their environment. This could be a very hands-on, educational class to our student groups. It is great to know that you are making effort in this area and I am thinking what could be a simple model we could piece together to enable the communities, the target audience and our effort to benefited.

I reviewed shortly of the site and got some understanding how this could be applied to ecoTourism as well as the other programs from the 'Save the Village' Initiative of oneVillage. –

- J Tang

"Your site is better than ever. Yes, I got the CD and I really enjoy it."


"We would love to carry the CD in the shop!"

-- K Parker

“It’s good for Idaho”

-- Idaho Congressman, B Otter

-- J Morrison

I could access different things including the internet. I also like virtual reality. I didn't find anything I didn’t like.

-- D Dennis

Received the cute photos and camera and CD. WOW! That CD is impressive. I know someone I want to send a copy to!!! Who is a billionaire, famous, and comes to Idaho for vacation on occasion.... Pac-man huckleberry pie--that's a chuckleberry pie!! We loved that! (comment regarding Huckleberry Game on CD developed by System IC team.

-- Miss Glitter

The music + pictures were beautiful.

-- S Galloway

Liked tours, pictures, music.
-- B Strong

I like the CD. I think it would be perfect for people considering moving to the area. Needs more photographs when seasons change in background it would be great if the tracks/tours/gallery changed to show seasonal differences in local activities. -- K Semko

It was very informative and easy to use.

-- M Lane

CD was well done. Am a computer idiot so all that stuff on there amazes me. If we wanted, could we be listed in the business section?

-- Joe Q

I like your "Best of North Idaho" CD and would like to see it get in the hands of lots and lots of folks.

-- T Long

You know what we did last night--we played par golf on the CD. That was fun. Nice CD.

 -- Sandie & Dean





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